Janet’s Jottings – July 2017

Yell SOS is run by a group of proactive, dedicated staff  who know how difficult it can be for vulnerable individuals to navigate through life. They enable people to find a way forward by increasing their skills, abilities and, where possible, qualifications.  From an unassuming office on Victoria Road, Mandy Jayne Lace and her team offer help and training in all manner of life skills, together with advice on access to a myriad of services, advocacy, and form filling!

I have been delighted and very proud to help several of Mandy’s clients through their driving tests.  It takes patience, I learned very quickly not to try and explain something on the move!!   You must take things slowly, both literally and metaphorically. However, with lots and lots of practice their confidence grows and they become good drivers.

One cautionary note for the rest of the driving public, for these student there are no shades of grey, it is black and white, therefore if the Highway Code says you should/should not do something, you should comply.  They get very cross if they see someone doing something wrong, you have been warned!

Safe travelling


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