Monthly Letter for June 2017

The Archbishop of Canterbury and York have called on all the different denominations of churches to pray the Lord’s Prayer from Ascension to Pentecost (Thursday May 25th–Sunday June 4th), asking the Lord to pour out His Holy Spirit on our nation and world and draw people to Jesus. Over these 10 days Christians are meeting to pray together: some are prayer walking where they live, some are having days of prayer & fasting, while others are doing 24 hour prayer. If you want to know more, Google ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ and see all the events around the nation, culminating in beacons being lit.

In our Deanery this is seen as the build-up to Archbishop John Sentamu’s visit to Scarborough in October, from Friday 13th–Sunday 15th. It is hoped that many will meet together to pray and prepare the way for outreach when the Archbishop comes, and also continue to pray for people to meet with Jesus and be welcomed into our Churches long after his visit. I do encourage you to pray as this will have a huge impact on our area. We saw last year when the Archbishop came as part of his pilgrimage through Yorkshire, he touched the lives of many people. I was at the ‘Rich man-Poor man’ meal organised by the youth and it was great to see the interaction with all ages as the Archbishop did a question and answer session.

Planning is still in the early stages, but the outline is that the Archbishop and his team, Bishop Alison, youth workers and others will visit and talk to as many people as possible. On the Friday visits to schools in Filey and Scarborough are being arranged, there will be question & answer sessions, then in the evening churches will join together for an event. On Saturday a prayer breakfast is planned followed by a visit to the old town, meeting and chatting and refreshments have kindly been offered by one of the local pubs, meeting fishermen and lifeboat men etc. In the afternoon he will visit the newly refurbished indoor market. “Say one for me” cards will be given out and the Healing on the Streets team will be available to pray for healing with people who have problems or just want to know Jesus in their lives.

On the Sunday The Scarborough Fair (near the Flower of May) has been booked for the day: the hope is for all the churches to bring people along who would not go to a traditional church service to enjoy being with Christians having a fun day out. There will be hymns played on the Wurlitzer organ besides rides on the carousel and dodgems. It will close with a service at the end of the afternoon. Please pray about who you can bring along: this will be a wonderful opportunity to invite neighbours and friends who are on the fringe of church, or who don’t attend, to see what fun we have together.

Please pray for the team organising this as there is lots to plan. The hope is that after the weekend there will be opportunities to follow up by inviting people to church or joining an Alpha course etc. For many years Christians in our area have been praying for a Christian revival, this is an opportunity  to pray it in!

Jean Donovan, Prayer Co-ordinator.