Wave of Prayer

Last month’s ‘Wave of Prayer’, requested by the Archbishops, was a huge success around the nation, as Christians united to pray ‘The Lord’s Prayer.’ Many had 24/7 prayer meetings, while others met to pray and fast throughout the week leading up to Pentecost. One church I heard of put out an extra 300 chairs in anticipation of increase!! We had a wonderful week here at St Martin’s as the church was open each morning for prayer. There were seven stations laid out around the church where people were invited to pray, meditate or just rest in God’s presence. Many were visibly moved as they went deeper with God. Our prayer continues as we ask the Lord to bless our nation and heal our land, especially at this crucial time with the Referendum! I encourage you to pop in to ‘Open Church’ on Wednesday afternoons or Saturday mornings and experience the ‘peace’ and welcome, or just have a cuppa.

Jean (Donovan)